passage. 2016. 26x42in
pervasive nature. 2015. 20x42in
submerged and displaced. 2016. 16x20in
when the knot looks back. 2013. 44x42in
transference. 2013. 42x102in
tactile limitation. 2012. 47x42in
called into form by an open mouth. 2012. 76x24in
untitled (crucifix). 2012. 63x42in
shifting into view. 2012. 42x50in
the ubiquity of shadows. 2012. 43x40in
bore into dirt. 2012. 72x40in
emerging from the carcass. 2012. 72x40in
a momentary occupation of the barren. 2012. 60x40in
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